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Hey Yusuke, what is the future of craftsmanship?
FACT  No.12

Hey Yusuke, what is the future of craftsmanship?

KAI presents EARTH RADIO, is hosted by Yusuke Iseya. The theme of the program is to “Listen to the earth in order to create for next 100 years”. For this edition, Yusuke invited Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike as a guest. It turned out to be a valuable interview that discussed the future. Yusuke is even submitting a proposal for her “Tokyo Future Vision Conference (see above)”.
Governor Koike spoke specifically about the future of Tokyo. “Preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 is one of the most important things during my current term,” Koike said. “But we are not setting these events as our goal. Rather, we have to think more about the future of Tokyo after the event. It is my responsibility to prepare ahead of time because there are many problems, such as a low birthrate and an aging population.” When planning for the future, Koike always remembers her motto: “Prepare, always”. This motto is also evident in her answer to a question from Yusuke. He based his question on KAI’s philosophy, “A knife that is gentle to its user”. The question was, “What is kindness to you, Governor Koike?” “There is a kindness, not only to people, but also to things as well,” Koike said. “The spirit of “mottainai”, is to take care of your thing. If you don’t waste them, that’s also kindness.” Yusuke learned a lot from her words. “You can’t just look at the current situation,” Yusuke said. “You also have to think about the future. Only then can you decide what you have to do now. I felt such a deep connection to her words. This may change the way you approach politics.” This attitude is a way that Governor Koike shows kindness.

What is the Tokyo Future Vision Conference?

  • Think 100 years ahead with a fresh ideas.
    Tokyo Governor Koike held a conference in 2017 that included experts from various fields. They exchanged opinions about the future of Tokyo. “Young people are freely discussing completely new ideas about Tokyo's future after 2050 — and even in 100 years,” Koike said.
  • Yusuke’s Proposal: “Ethical Economy”
    At the Tokyo Future Vision Conference, Yusuke proposed an “Ethical Economy”. This ethical, economic model can be used to build a sustainable society in three areas: clothing, food, and living. He also proposed a new social model to reduce food waste.
Tokyo Governor Koike said that western music is her favorite. In the program, she requested Eric Clapton's masterpiece “Tears in Heaven”.
  • Yuriko Koike
    The current Tokyo Governor was born in 1952. She also serves as a special advisor to the local political party, Tomin First. Early in Koike’s career, she worked as a news anchor. But in 1992, she moved into politics. After serving as Minister of the Environment and Minister of Defense, she became governor in 2016.
  • Yusuke Iseya
    Born in 1976. Actor, movie director, and director of the REBIRTH PROJECT. Started a new project called “Shokasonjuku” to support young activists.

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