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Hey Yusuke, what is the future of craftsmanship?
FACT  No.13

Hey Yusuke, what is the future of craftsmanship?

KAI presents EARTH RADIO, is hosted by Yusuke Iseya. The theme of the program is focusing on creating a sustainable future 100 years from now. For this edition, Iseya invited Toshio Yamada, representative of Factelier, a “young revolutionary in the fashion industry,” as a guest. Factelier is offering high-quality products with a high level of commitment. The company sets a reasonable price by directly connecting the factory to customers without a middle man. How do we connect people with products, while showing them the heart of the manufacturer? How we connect them may hold the key to making our society better.

We would like to convey the heart of the manufacturer!

Yamada’s motto is, “No one is born a master.” His ability to take action is a great attraction and strength

  • Toshio Yamada
    Born 1982, Yamada was born in Kumamoto City. He grew up as a son of a 100-year-old women’s clothing store owner. In 2012, Yamada established LIFESTYLE ACCENT INC., which runs the Factelier brand.
  • Yusuke Iseya
    Born in 1976. Actor, movie director, and director of the REBIRTH PROJECT. Started a new project called “Shokasonjuku” to support young activists.

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