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Welcome to Kai House Japanese Cooking and the culinary wonders of washoku, Japanese cuisine! Located in the tourist spot of Akihabara, Tokyo, our studio is only a 10-minute train ride from Asakusa, which is another popular destination.

Our classes are organized by KAI Corporation which was established in 1908 and is Japan’s largest producer of kitchen knives. As you might have guessed from our long history, our ability to produce knives can be traced back to the making of katana, a samurai warrior’s sword.

Washoku has been recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Washoku embodies Japanese people’s deep respect toward nature and the four seasons. This also includes the importance they place on the sustainable use of local produce.

Let us guide you on the traditional Japanese style of preparing and eating delicious dishes.


Team-Building Cooking Classes

Perfect for strengthening a sense of camaraderie, our team-building cooking classes offer an out-of-the-ordinary experience for novice and seasoned cooks alike.

Your staff will cook washoku, the internationally popular Japanese cuisine. The collaborative nature of cooking will help train your team and enrich your company’s future long after leaving the kitchen. For bookings, please choose from the two courses below.

Cook Off Course

Your staff will be divided into groups to compete with each other on the finish of washoku dishes. This will heighten competitiveness between the groups, whilst increasing team spirit. Winning or losing, best of all is the joy of cooking savored as one. Menu: Popular Japanese Menu

Challenge Course

Food brings out the best in people, especially when cooked together. In this course, your staff will work in groups in a comfortable setting away from a work environment to enjoy cooking washoku. Our Challenge Course offers the opportunity to build friendships and create an open atmosphere. Menu: Choice of the Popular Japanese Menu or the Seasonal Japanese Menu

Available from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays except certain holidays. For inquiries, please contact us.


2 to 2 1/2 hours

No. of Participants

8 to 24


  • ・Hands-on cooking and demonstration
  • ・Sharing of dishes with complementary tea and water
  • ・Recipes


  • ・Groups of 8 to 15: JPY 12,000 per person
  • ・Groups of 16 to 24: JPY 10,000 per person

Optional Extras

  • ・Cook Off Course: prizes for the winning team
     (An additional charge is required. Please contact us for more information.)
  • ・Beer and sake (additional JPY 1,000 per person)
*Currently, we offer bookings at least 30 days prior to your preferred class date(s).
*Prices include tax.

Private Cooking Classes

Whether to follow your enthusiasm for washoku or to go out on a culinary exploration with your family or friends, our private classes are perfect for cooks of all abilities.

Available from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays except certain holidays. For inquiries, please contact us.


2 to 2 1/2 hours

No. of Participants

Maximum 24

Children under 16

Participants below 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • ・Hands-on cooking and demonstration
  • ・Sampling of dishes with complementary tea and water
  • ・Recipes


  • ・1 to 5 participants: JPY 60,000 per class
  • ・6 to 15 participants: JPY 12,000 per person
  • ・16 to 24 participants: JPY 10,000 per person

Optional Extras

  • ・Beer and sake (additional JPY 1,000 per person)
*Currently, we offer bookings at least 30 days prior to your preferred class date(s).
*Prices include tax.

Seasonal Japanese Menu

  • February:

    Temari-zushi, bite-sized sushi balls
    Namasu, julienne daikon and carrot pickled in sweet vinegar sauce
    Iridori, simmered chicken and vegetables
    Dashi-maki-tamago, rolled omelet
    Tonjiru, miso soup with pork and vegetables

  • March-April:

    Chirashi-zushi, sushi garnished with omelet strips, fish, deep-fried tofu, and vegetables
    Goma-itame, sautéed carrots with sesame seeds
    Sakamushi, sake-steamed asari clams with lettuce
    Dashi-maki-tamago, rolled omelet
    Osuimono, clear dashi soup with seasonal vegetables

  • May-June:

    Nikumaki, green beans and carrot wrapped in pork
    Ankake, turnip in light shrimp sauce
    Nameshi, rice mixed with green vegetable
    Dashi-maki-tamago, rolled omelet
    Surinagashi, soup with tofu and avocado purée

  • July-August:

    Goma-ae, boiled asparagus dressed with nutty sesame sauce
    Tofu steak, fried tofu with sweet sauce
    Tomato and avocado don, rice bowl with tomato and avocado salad
    Dashi-maki-tamago, rolled omelet
    Osuimono, clear dashi soup with seasonal vegetables

If you like, a dish in the Seasonal Japanese Menu can be replaced with:
Wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery
Nerikiri (shaped like sakura), bean-paste confection
Dorayaki, pancake sandwich with sweet red-bean filling
Ichigo daifuku, rice cake stuffed with fresh strawberry and red-bean paste

We will endeavor to tailor the menu to your preferences. Please inform us in advance your preferred menu items and dietary requirements. We will make adjustments wherever possible.


Every aspiring cook needs sharp knives. Learn knife-sharpening skills from KAI Corporation, Japan’s largest knife manufacturer with a global reputation. Well-cared-for knives will last a long time.

Arranged upon your request from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays except certain holidays. For inquiries, please contact us.
2 hours
No. of Participants
2 to 10
A whetstone to take home
JPY 5,000 per person (incl. tax)
This is an all-inclusive class and knives will be provided in class for participants to practice on. Bringing personal knives into class is not permitted.
*Currently, we offer bookings at least 30 days prior to your preferred class date(s).


What languages are the classes offered in?


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate your dietary requirements wherever possible. Please ask us in advance.

Which tourist spots are close-by?

Located in the northeast of Tokyo, our studio is near Akihabara, Ueno, Asakusa, Yanaka Ginza, and Sky Tree.

What is the payment method?

We accept credit-card payments, which will secure your booking. Should you need a receipt, please contact us.

What should I bring?

Aprons, recipes and everything you need in class will be provided. Please come in comfortable clothes with non-slip shoes.

Can I take home the dishes we cooked?

Unfortunately, taking home food is not permitted but tasting the dishes in class is actively encouraged.

Can I change my booking?

Changes to your bookings may be made up to 20 days prior to the scheduled class date. We will try our best to accommodate your request wherever possible.

Can I buy your kitchenware products duty-free?

Yes, you can. However, as per regulations, duty-free shopping can only be offered to customers within six months of their arrival in Japan for purchases of JPY 5,000 or more.
Please present your passport at the cashier.




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LocationAdress & Map

3-9-5 Iwamotocho Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-8586

5 minute walk from Iwamoto-cho Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line (岩本町駅)

8 minute walk from Akihabara Station on the Yamanote Line (秋葉原駅)

Terms of Use

Terms of Use
■Cancellation and Refund Policy
In case of cancellation, please, send an e-mail to the address washoku@kai-group.com with the indication of your name and nationality.
For the cancellations received 7days prior to the day of your confirmed class, the whole sum is refunded.
For the cancellations received 7days~5days prior to the day of your confirmed class, 70% of the sum is refunded.
For the cancellations received 4days~2days prior to the day of your confirmed class, 50% of the sum is refunded.
For the cancellation received later than 2 days prior the day of your confirmed class , there is no refund.
(Example: Cooking Class is due on May 19th .
Cancellations received before May 11th 11:59pm are free of charge.
Cancellations done between May 12th 0:00am ~ May 14th 11:59pm are charging 30% of the fees.
Cancellations done between May 15th 0:00am ~ May 17th 11:59pm are charging 50% of the fees.
For the cancellations received from May 18th 0:00am~ there is no refund).
■Kai Corporation provides all the equipment and the information necessary for the class.
■Kai Corporation is taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of the participants. We would kindly ask the participant to follow all the instructions. Kai Corporation doesn`t take responsibility for the accident caused by not following the instructions and precautions given.

Privacy Policy
Kai corporation and each of the companies in KAI Group consider that the protection of customers' personal information is a material social responsibility, as well as a legal obligation. Our company hereby prescribes the privacy policy as set out below in order to respect and protect customers' rights regarding their personal information:

1. Acquisition and Usage of Personal Information
The acquisition of customers' personal information shall be conducted through appropriate means, and our company shall specify wherever possible the purpose of usage and give notice of such purpose to (a) relevant customer(s) or make public announcements on company websites, etc. The company will handle such acquired personal information according to the purpose for which it was gathered.

2. Provision of Personal Information
The company will not provide customers' personal information to any third party other than to companies to which it entrusts business, without the consent of customers. If the company uses the personal information jointly with each company or special agents, etc., of the KAI Group, the company will expressly indicate or make a public announcement regarding the details of such parties jointly using such personal information, the purpose of usage and other prescribed matters; provided, however, the foregoing provision shall not be applied in cases where the contrary is set forth by laws or regulations or where cooperation with public organization(s) is required.

3. Safety Management of Personal Information
The company will take technical measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss of, the destruction of, the falsification or leakage of, personal information; and will make efforts to protect customers' personal information by preparing a safety management system.

4. Public Announcement of Purpose and Request for Disclosure and/or Corrections, etc.
The company will publicly announce the purpose of usage regarding the customers' information that it holds, will provide company contact information, and will reply, to a reasonable extent, in accordance with procedures set forth, and in good faith, to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of usage and deletion, etc.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The company will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information, relevant provisions and guidelines, and fulfill its liability of social responsibility as a business enterprise.

6. Continuing Improvement
The company will continuously review and improve the compliance program (plan for the compliance of laws and regulations) in order to ensure the protection of personal information.

November 22, 2007
KAI Group

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.
Tokyo, Japan
Chiyoda-ku, Iwamoto-cho 3-9-5