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What have you crafted recently?

In 1908, Kai’s history began in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, which is known in Japan as the “City of Swordsmiths.”
After the production of the pocket knife, Kai created Japan’s first replaceable razor blade. Soon, products migrated out of Japan,
and the name “Kai” became the worldwide standard for bladed tools: nail clippers, kitchen knives, scissors and even surgical knives.

We’ve used knives as far back as the Stone Age. Since those ancient days,
the history of mankind and the history of craftsmanship have advanced together.
In the modern era, Kai’s mission is to always produce quality products and support the craftsmen of the world.

FACT Magazine is a travel booklet that explores the history and future of craftsmanship with beautiful photography and compelling stories.
FACT magazine

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