KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.12

Remembering the A100:
the Kershaw that left a legacy in the multi-tool market

In 1997, KAI USA was in great need of a hit product, inspiring Kershaw designers to conceive their boldest project yet. The result? Kershaw released the groundbreaking “A100 Multi-Tool”.
The first, most obvious feature is found in the tool’s pliers. This multi-tool was the first ever to feature locking plier jaws. Users could tighten or loosen the pliers with the tension adjustment, achieving the perfect grip around an object.
Being a Kershaw, it’s only natural for the A100 to incorporate a sharp blade. Without opening the handle, A100 owners could easily open the blade from outside of the tool with one hand. The combo edge locked into place with a reliable liner lock.
Inside the handle itself, you could take advantage of a screwdriver, a bottle/can opener, a two-sided file, a flathead screwdriver and a replaceable hacksaw blade.
The A100 holds a special, unique place in KAI USA history. And even though Kershaw isn’t known for multi-tools, the product is still defined by one word: “quality”.

A100 Multi-Tool

A100 Multi-Tool
Length : 6.75 in. (Blade length : 3 in.)
Weight : 8.6 oz.

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