KAI FACT magazine
Cut many materials,from light fabricto heavy industrial products
FACT  No.15

Cut many materials,
from light fabric
to heavy industrial products

Some items are hard to cut, even if the scissors are good. In particular, cloth is soft and quite difficult to cut. In these situations, sewing scissors come in handy. The professionals trust the “7000 SERIES”. The team strives for sharpness, so you can even cut thick fabrics without getting tired. All the inspections are done by human hands. Employees also cut eight layers of cloth to make sure it’s sharp.
These high-performance scissors are used in heavy industries in Japan and overseas. They are used for cutting car leather seats, aircraft insulation, most textile work, and more. There are eight sizes available, so you can choose according to what you want to cut. Not only is it practical, but the shot-blasted, high-quality blade design receives high praise. In 2005, the 7000 SERIES received the German “iF Design Award”. It truly is a masterpiece.


7000 SERIES (250mm)
Size: Total length 9.84 in Weight: 7.47 oz

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