KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.02

The evolution of shaving technology is the evolution of man's lifestyle.

The lives of men are closely intertwined with shaving. A man can get his hair done at a barber shop but he is responsible for his own shaving habits. It is, therefore, an important task for every man to find a razor that works for him. Disposable razors, while convenient and hygienic, are not as functional as razors with replaceable blades. Razors with replaceable blades, on the other hand, can be used over and over but they are not very hygienic. KAI invented the 'Xfit' hybrid razor that has the benefits of both disposable razors and razors with replaceable blades. The ‘Xfit’ prides itself on its low-cost and high performance. The ‘Xfit’ was made possible due to KAI’s technical expertise. The 5-bladed razor promotes a smooth shave, that is gentle on the skin and its 3D head is designed to glide easily over any skin irregularities. The 'Xfit' was awarded the Good Design Award in 2014. As long as razors keep evolving, so will man's lifestyle.

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