KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.04

A beautiful woman must use
a beautiful product.

 KAI’s philosophy that women can be more beautiful if they use beauty products led to the creation of KAI’s exclusive beauty product line, KOBAKO. KOBAKO bases its product lineup on consumer reviews and beauticians. The shape of heat panel on KOBAKO's heated eye-lash curler was designed specifically with the Japanese consumer in mind. Make-up artist Akemi Nakano is one of the product advisers and she helped design this particular feature. A beautiful woman must use a beautiful product. KOBAKO strives to meet this need. KOBAKO's heated eyelash curler is the size of a tube of lipstick so it easily ?ts into a travel bag. It is battery-powered and turns off automatically if it is folded up. KOBAKO’s heated eyelash curler is both safe and stylish. True beauty is only achievable when beautiful things are made without taking any shortcuts.
KOBAKO heated eyelash curler
LENGTH: 135mm(ON state)
      83mm(OFF state)
WEIGHT: 29g PRICE: 3,000yen(tax excl.)

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