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10 Recommended,

Shanghai cuisine, which incorporates a wide variety of flavors from around the world, continues to improve in quality.
Some restaurants even list organic vegetables on their menus.
The food capital of China is undergoing a true metamorphosis.
  • A popular Xinjiang cuisine restaurant
    Their lamb skewers are superb!
    A restaurant specializing in Xinjiang cuisine, owned by an Uyghur. Their juicy lamb skewers smell delicious and go well with Uyghur beer.
    No.133 Fuxing Xi Lu, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai
  • A beloved local hangout w/
    Clear vermicelli soup w/ duck
    Even in the morning customers flock wanting Xiaolongbao (steam buns) and vermicelli soup. Lots of great flavors abound.
    No.55 Yunnan Nan Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai
  • This well-known hot pot restaurant
    is known for its high-quality service.
    In addition to preparing delicious hot pots, the employees provide manicures and polish shoes. Plastic bags are available to protect patrons' phones from any splattering.
    3F No.1068 Beijing Xi Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai
  • Come enjoy Shanghai fashion
    with a cup of coffee.
    The first floor is dedicated to sneakers and a variety of local brands are showcased on the second floor. They also have a nice selection of music.
    L105, No.88 Tongren Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai
  • A new standard for food:
    All day breakfast.
    All day breakfast restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in Shanghai. Long lines are common from dawn till dusk. They serve a traditional Shanghai breakfast.
    E02 1F No.150 Hubin Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai
  • A true speakeasy
    It even has a secret entrance!
    Inspired by American speakeasies from the era of Prohibition. The entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf in a shop on the first floor.
    No.579 Fuxing Zhong Lu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai
  • It might not sound like it
    But it’s a surprisingly cozy place.
    Gary Wang, owner of the popular nightclub The Shelter, also runs this café & bar. Open spaces, and soft music make for a comfortable environment.
    4 No.65 Mao Ming Bei Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai
  • Coffee-loving couple offer
    high-quality, specialty coffee.
    A specialty coffee shop that has a wide selection of coffee beans from around the world. Operated by a German-American couple since 2012.
    No.80 Yongkang Lu, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai
  • Tasty soul food located
    near a local market
    Located near a local market in the SOHO District, which is a popular hangout for the city’s youth. They serve a delicious minced pork w/ green onion and miso paste crepe.
    No.329 Tongren Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai
  • A cafe & grocery changing
    how food is viewed in Shanghai
    One of the few good certified-organic stores in Shanghai. They sell fresh organic vegetables that have been carefully cultivated.
    No.6 Dongping Lu, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai

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