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FACT  No.05


 At the end of this year's summer, the first anniversary of the KAI BEAUTY PRESS, the KAI BEAUTY PARTY was held at the TWO ROOMS GRILL|BAR in Omotesando, and creators, models, editors, and fashionistas representing Tokyo gathered in a gorgeous yet relaxed atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed casual conversation, delicious wine and special food, or trying the limited nail seal from KOBAKO. A great sunset was spreading out over the terrace with a cool sea breeze. Tokyo’s new culture is created through fun smile-filled parties such as this.

There was a dedicated space for trying out KAI products for a first-hand experience. The DJ’s were Mademoiselle Yulia and Licaxxx, and the makeup shows were held by Hiro Odagiri, a popular hair and makeup artist. All of the food was supervised by food designers Chihiro Nakamoto, prepared using KAI kitchen products. Peach shaved ice with mint julep was made with professional ice shaving machines from Kai House. It was a special night to round out the summer of 2016.

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