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Culinary artists are the key to a new food culture.
FACT  No.05

Culinary artists are the key
to a new food culture.

 Kai House is located on the KAI Headquarters’ first and second floors, functioning as both a showroom and communications space, and this year in 2016, the Kai House Culinary Artist Club was inaugurated. Club members are teachers from the many small cooking classes across the country. Such schools are popular among those in their 30s and 40s and there are more than 20,000 teachers and students altogether. The main purpose of the club is to stay in close touch with the rural areas of Japan by uniting these small cooking classes together. Members can meet with top chefs, companies, and food producers by participating in culinary events and seminars held in the kitchen studio. They can even be involved in recipe development and give their opinions directly to improve KAI products. There are even business opportunities with KAI and many other food-related companies. The culinary industry is expanding and it is KAI’s intention to reach for this realm. ‘We are a manufacturer, but we are not limited to production. We would like to build a network together with cooking teachers to create an ever-diversifying food culture,’ says Hiroaki Endo, the director of KAI Group.

Kai House displays items from kitchen knives, such as the deluxe knives, to the many handy convenience goods we offer, and you can purchase them too. You can feel the variety and depth of KAI products.

Hiroaki Endo,
KAI Group Board of Directors/Management Administration Division and Marketing Division Deputy General Manager. He recently came back from working in Portland, Oregon to Japan and just had his first daughter.

Kai House’s Showroom!

The first floor is a shop and showroom of KAI products and there is a kitchen studio at the back of the showroom. On the second floor there is a beauty studio. Both are well-equipped and even do equipment demonstrations.
official site : http://www.kaihouse.jp

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