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Seoul is changing everyday and the economy and culture  will advance with new blending and speed.
FACT  No.10

Seoul is changing everyday and the economy and culture
will advance with new blending and speed.

‘Expedience’ is the general tone of the Korean people.
Urban Development, Manufacturing, Fashion, Beauty etc. in all aspects, it develops with phenomenal speed.
It is attributed to the character of Korean people, who are sensitive to the latest trends.
Due to the national character of curiosity, Seoul has created many things quickly and has grown rapidly.

Located on the former site of the Dongdaemun Stadium where a baseball stadium and soccer field once existed, Dongadaemun Design Plaza’s unique architecture with a curved design, designed by Zaha Hadid opened in 2014. During nighttime it is always lit up, there is an abundant atmosphere of being in the near future. It is the base for Seoul's art and design.

‘Lotte World’ is one of the most popular amusement parks in Korea and part of it, ‘Magic Island’ seems to be floating on a lake. In addition, there is an indoor type ‘Adventure’ where you can play without worrying about the weather.

  • Seongsu-dong was once a shoe manufacturing district. Here the sites of workshops and warehouses have been renovated to become cafes or galleries. These shops that have opened one after another in recent years. ‘Daelim Changgo Gallery CO:LUMN’ is one of them. Art and coffee in a rugged space is a trend of Seoul.

  • The ice cream specialty shop ‘REMICONE’ where you can enjoy choosing topping as you like it is located in the Sinsa-dong area. On ‘Garosu-gil’ and ‘Serosu-gil’ street, there are many apparel shops, cafes and restaurants crowded together, becoming one big shopping area.

‘Mr. Holmes Bakehouse’ was born in San Francisco, the croissant and muffin hybrid called a ‘Cruffin’ is popular. Their second store opened in ‘Garosu-gil’. It symbolizes Seoul’s drive to follow the latest trends.

  • The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, opened in 2013. Since cultural heritage sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace are located all around, it is a low-rise building that considers the surrounding landscape. It is an area where you can feel Korean traditional culture and modern art together.

  • Outside the store called ‘VILLAGE 11 FACTORY’, a cosmetic shop in ‘Garosu-gil’, face packs were sold at vending machines. A unique gimmick changing with the season is always attracting the pedestrian’s attention.

‘Mmm Records’ in Itaewon is a record shop organizing various music events and art exhibitions by DJs. Store owner, Jeon Woochi is using his influence to keep the culture of vinyl music alive.

‘N Seoul Tower’ had a large-scale renewal in 2005. Since it is built on the top of Namsan Mountain, you can see the entire city of Seoul from the observation deck. It is also pleasant to hike from the foot of the mountain to the top.

Korea's creative scene made with
speed and variety.

The people of Seoul are curious and broad-minded. Art director Mijae Kim is leading the scene as an art director and brand consultant, while supervising and designing cafe spaces, graphics, decorations, etc. ‘Seoul is unique for its speed. Projects progress at incredible speed and usually surprises business partners from other countries’ says Kim.

Jeon Woochi runs a creative agency and publishes magazines, has record shop, organizes parties, creating new media genres to introduce young artists and authors. ‘Korea’s creative scene has evolved rapidly and in that process, various things are mixed. Our mixing culture is quite unique in the world.’ says Woochi.

Yeji Yun is the illustrator and she feels that the speed of Seoul is tough enough not to give one any rests or breaks, yet, if you can catch up to that pace, you can build yourself up rapidly. Seoul’s creativity may be nourished in such a harshly rapid environment.

Cha Hae Young runs ‘Studio Concrete’ and works only with clients who can create synergy together, looking for quality.

Seoul’s craftsmanship is under the unique, rapid progress, and we can’t take our eyes off, how it evolves.

  • Art Director, CEO of design firm ‘Artment.dep’, launched ‘TEA Collective’ cafe after having her office merged.

  • Creator, publishes ‘Eloquence Magazine’, running ‘Mmm Records’ shop and organizing various art events.

  • Illustrator, studied illustration at a UK graduate school, illustrating for various festivals posters, book covers, etc.

  • CEO of ‘Studio Concrete’ which various young artists are joining, running gallery & cafe, directing art, fashion field, etc.

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