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I'm KAI, too! #10
FACT  No.10

I'm KAI, too! #10

KAI has four manufacturing factories in Gifu prefecture. At the Senbiki factory they are assembling the razor blades manufactured at the Oyana factory and doing the packing and resin molding of the handle, metal parts pressing, etc.

The three women in charge of assembly and packaging of the long-selling ‘Pretty Series’, the top share of disposable razors for women, guide us through the factory. In an open space like a gymnasium, you can hear the sound of many machines moving rhythmically. A fully automated robot is carrying cardboard in the aisles while playing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ with an electronic sound. You can tell which kind of package you are receiving according to the type of music they are playing. The automated factory is fully operational for 24 hours a day.

The assembly machine puts handles, blades, heads and caps into a single razor. It is an event that happens in a blink of an eye. The precision of the complex machine is packed with many ingenious ideas by KAI.
The assembled razor goes to the packaging process, 3 or 4 pieces are packed in the package and complete, ready to be shipped to the market. ‘I want KAI products to be long-needed by many people’ says Kiyomi Matsuda who has worked for 20 years in the factory and from this comment, we could feel her profound care for products of KAI.

  1. Each and every part of the machine is set in place
    Handles, blades, heads and caps are inserted in the machine. Using the vibrations the handles are set into the same direction.
  2. Defective products are automatically sorted
    As the heads and caps rotate around the machine, only the good products are aligned in one line and prepared for installation.
  3. Assembled into one complete razor
    While the handles turn 180 degrees on the machine, blades, heads and caps are mounted in order.
  4. Inspection and boxing
    After removing defective item via the sensor, finally being inspected by human eyes. Put the finished product in a box and go to the next packaging process.
  • Assembling razor productsEmiko Takaoka

    ① 11 months ② When achieving production goals ③ Minimizing the defective items ④ Shopping with my daughter ⑤ Takayuki Yamada

  • Assembling razor productsKiyomi Matsuda

    ① 20 years ② When soundly finishing a day's production ③ Steady performance ④ Gourmet tours, shrine visiting ⑤ Kazutoshi Sakurai

  • Packaging razor productsAkane Suetake

    ① 7 years ② When improving my own record ③ Always doing my best ④ Housework, visiting confectioners ⑤ Pitbull (rapper)


  • ① Length of employment
  • ② Happy moments at work
  • ③ Work goals
  • ④ Hobbies
  • ⑤ Favorite celebrity

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