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In Nagoya, you can enjoy the unique food culture with food such as Misonikomi udon, Sauce pasta and Hitsumabushi.
If you order coffee at a coffee shop in the morning, it will come with some toast and salad without exception.
They have best value food and the most impact, unique taste in Japan.
  • 岩正 Iwasho

    岩正 Iwasho

    Iwasho was founded 116 years ago. The restaurant is known
    for the unique flavor of the founder’s Misonikomi udon.

    It is a quality restaurant recognized by locals as ‘Nagoya's best Misonikomi udon,’ The soup, which has blended the two kinds of miso is mixed with the noodles that have a certain stiffness. The noodles are handmade every morning.

    1-12-17, Tsutsui, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

  • すゞや 大須赤門店 Suzuya

    すゞや 大須赤門店 Suzuya

    The food is wonderfully fried,
    Including excellent fillet cutlets.

    A longtime western food restaurant which carefully inherited the original flavor from the founder. The food is soft and delicious because it’s carefully deep fried at a low temperature, keeping all of the meat juices inside.

    3-11-17, Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya

  • 本店 鯱乃家 Shachinoya

    本店 鯱乃家 Shachinoya

    Rich flavor with a light aftertaste.
    Birthplace of Nagoya’s curry udon.

    The originator of Nagoya’s curry udon, which features rich, distinctive soup. The food looks like a lot for your stomach to take in, yet it has an amazingly light aftertaste. That’s why it’s popular among light eaters.

    2-14-1, Tabata, Kita-ku, Nagoya

  • 喫茶グロリヤ Gloria

    喫茶グロリヤ Gloria

    There is a unique sense of taste in its retro appearance.
    Founded 50 years ago as ‘The Coffee Shop of Nagoya’.

    If you order a cup of coffee, the ‘Morning Set’ comes with a toast sandwich, salad and eggs. It is a popular service unique to Nagoya's coffee shops. Also pay attention to its distinctive atmosphere!

    1-10-38 Higashi Sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

  • ユウゼン Yuuzen

    ユウゼン Yuuzen

    Here is Nagoya’s specialty,
    robust menu with ‘Sauce pasta’.

    Tasting Yuzen’s rich and spicy sauce can be addictive. Besides the classic ‘Mix’, there are a variety of menu items such as ‘lunch B,’ which comes with barbecued meat, rice and fried shrimp.

    B1F Kato Bldg. 3-13 Shinsakaemachi, Naka-ku, Nagoya



    More than 4,000 records in store!
    Many people visit, even from outside Aichi Prefecture.

    In the sound sealed environment, the surprisingly clear music flows through the vacuum tube amp. Many visitors come from far away, not only for the music, but also for the tasty chicken rice.

    1-10-40, Higashi Sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

  • ダブルトールカフェ名古屋 Double Tall Cafe Nagoya

    ダブルトールカフェ名古屋 Double Tall Cafe Nagoya

    This food stop is open until midnight.
    A notch above a café, crowded both day and night.

    Besides the selected lunch menu there is a night selection that includes both liquor and espresso. Please try the manager, Kondo’s best brewed coffee. He is the pioneer in the Japanese barista world.

    4-2-21, Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya

  • コンパル 大須本店 Konparu

    コンパル 大須本店 Konparu

    The menu’s originality is popular among customers.
    This longtime coffee shop represents Nagoya.

    Enjoy the fragrant flavor of iced coffee, made by putting hot coffee in a glass with ice. The ‘Fried shrimp sandwich,’ is a popular specialty dish that includes carefully chosen ingredients.

    3-20-19, Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya

  • あつた蓬莱軒 本店 Atsuta Horai-ken

    あつた蓬莱軒 本店 Atsuta Horai-ken

    If you asked for ‘Hitsumabushi’, here it is! The traditional
    taste which has been passed down from the Meiji era.

    This famous shop created Nagoya’s specialty, ‘Hitsumabushi.’ Invented in the Meiji era, the flavor of baked eel and secret sauce will spread all throughout the mouth.

    503, Godo-Cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya

  • わかば屋 Wakabaya

    わかば屋 Wakabaya

    Located in the center of the club area.
    A Japanese style bar with good food.

    The chef trained by himself in Miyazaki to create the specialty ‘butter pepper chicken.’ In addition, there are plenty of seasonal fish items. We recommend stopping here before and after a night out clubbing.

    2F Sakae Green Bldg. 4-12-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya

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