KAI FACT magazine
Hello Boss, How R U? vol.11
FACT  No.11

Hello Boss,
How R U? vol.11

Today is the completion ceremony for the new Oyana factory. We have rebuilt domestic factories for the first time in 20 years, which is the first step in restructuring a series of factories. This year marks my 30th year as President and KAI’s 110th anniversary since its foundation. This new factory is designed as a ‘gentle factory’ for the environment, society and employees. Well, it is time to head to the ceremony soon. Let's warmly embrace the beginning of a new era.

At the completion ceremony, the President’s mother and Corporate Auditor Hisako attended the completion ceremony, as well as Executive Director Hiroaki, Koji’s son. A memorable photo includes three generations at an official place.

KAI group's third president.
Born in Seki, Gifu Prefecture in 1955.
Succeeded his father as president in 1989.
Hobbies include golfing and reading.

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