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I'm KAI, too! #11
FACT  No.11

I'm KAI, too! #11

It may not be well known, but KAI puts an emphasis on the medical field. Actually, KAI is an advanced manufacturer of medical knives, has a top market share for biopsy trepan, which is used in dermatology, and a top-three ophthalmic scalpel.

We asked four Oyana employees, who help sell and develop medical instruments, how they proceed with product development in the medical treatment field.
We mostly do custom-made products to respond to the request from the surgery doctor or agent. It was a great feeling when we finally decided to commercialize after 2 years of preparation with an extremely busy doctor,’ says Ueno.
‘I am happy to be praised for our product after repeatedly making the prototype’ says Notomi youngest of the team. ‘There are difficulties, like that we cannot test medical knives by ourselves,’ says Shinoda.

‘I will never forget the moment when a doctor from Taiwan visited our factory and thanked us,’ says Adachi. We cannot take our eyes off the challenging medical field.

  • What do you expect from the new factory?

    With the restructuring of the factories, the size of the medical equipment factory will be expanded to about twice its current size. ‘It will be easy to guide business partners to a big factory for better sales,’ says Shinoda. ‘We can aim to expand overseas sales by increasing production,’ says Adachi. ‘It’s easier to make prototypes as space increases,’ says Notomi. ‘Product development projects may increase, and we would love to innovate within the medical market,’ says Ueno.

  • What is a medical instrument team?

    There are 20 people within the medical instrument teams for development and sales, which include people of various ages and backgrounds. ‘I will never forget when my seniors worked alongside me while I was still in my teens,’ says Ueno. ‘Sometimes, the development team faced conflicts because of impossible tasks sent from the doctors. But they each shared a fighting spirit,’ says Adachi. ‘Development may have gloomy impression, but I like talking!’ says Notomi.


  • Sales Dept., Medical Div.Masayoshi Shinoda

    ①8 years ②When a customer calls me ‘Shino-chan’ ③Being responsible for the top market share in the area ④Camping ⑤Miku Natsume

  • R&D Dept., Medical Div.Kenta Ueno

    ①6 years ②When a prototype becomes commercialized ③Commercializing a new medical device ④Visiting parks with my son ⑤Sho Kiryuin

  • R&D Dept., Medical Div.Shoma Notomi

    ①2 years ②When I get praised ③Able to make changes to new regulation ④Survival games, shopping ⑤Deadmau5

  • Sales Dept., Medical Div.Sayaka Adachi

    ①3 years ②Hearing ‘Thank you’ from the customer ③Expansion of the Asian market ④Travel, Driving ⑤Anne Hathaway

  1. ①Length of employment
  2. ②Happy moments at work
  3. ③Work goals
  4. ④Hobbies
  5. ⑤Favorite celebrity

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