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A longtime-selling razorgentleness for women's skin
FACT  No.14

A longtime-selling razor
gentleness for women's skin

 Many people want to use a full-fledged razor that directly touches the delicate skin around the face. The KAI female razor, “Pretty” is a longtime-selling brand that celebrates its 35th anniversary in October 2019. It is a simple product. However, it has been repeatedly improved to meet the needs of the times.
 More than 70% of women have sensitive skin*1. “Pretty Face L for sensitive skin” is the razor that answers this need for women, bringing gentleness to the skin and smooth shaving comfort.
 The razor’s best feature is the world's smallest*2 pitch guard. This narrow gap creates softer skin contact. With the head portion roughened, and by reducing the contact surface with the skin, the cream is better removed, and it doesn’t stick to the skin. Such a detailed shape is adopted from products for professional barbers. Because of its gentleness and detailed features, “Pretty” is the number-one choice for those who aren’t good with razors.

*1 From KAI’s internet research carried out for 256 females aged 15 to 59 in November 2017.
*2 As of October 2017, KAI’s internal research.

A100 Multi-Tool

Pretty Face L for sensitive skin
Size: Total length 5.90 in
Weight: 0.88 oz per 3 pieces

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