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I'm KAI,too! #02
FACT  No.02

I’m KAI too! #02

KAI products are shipped all over Japan from dedicated logistics centers based in Seki and Nagaoka. We visited the logistics center in Nagaoka. 20 people work in the two story warehouse. Before we visited the factory, we imagined brawny men carrying cardboard boxes from one place to another. Most of the staff, however, was comprised of slender women like the three women we interviewed. Let’s take a tour.
Yuko Watanabe is a merchandise processor. She checks product numbers and does quality control for all goods that arrive from domestic and foreign factories. She then uploads this information onto the company database. She is responsible for more than 7,000 products, passing them onto the shipping team.Yuka Kobayashi, who processes returns, works on the same floor. Products are sent to the second floor for selection and then packing. Miki Ishida, who is in charge of selecting which products are shipped, sometimes walks up to 20,000 steps a day. During the summer, she loses up to one kilogram a day! A transport company delivers approximately 3,000 crates of products daily.
  • 1 Ordered goods arrive at the logistics center on a track

    In-stock items are checked, registered on the company database, and relocated for shipping purposes.
  • 2 Crates are stored in a multi-story warehouse

    300 products are packaged and distributed in crates for direct shipping.
  • 3 Selecting products to be boxed and shipped

    Selected products are boxed and delivered to the shipping area.
  • 4 Goods are sorted for easy shipping

    A transportation company picks up the products which are stored separately according to shipping area.
  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments
    ③Work goals  ④Hobbies
    ⑤Favorite celebrity
  • Returns processorYuka Kobayashi

    ①1.5years ②When I discover new products ③Catching up with everyone else ④Going on a picnic with my children ⑤Go Ayano

    Merchandise processorYuko Watanabe

    ①4years ②When boxes are well sorted ③Planning how to improve workplace efficiency ④Housework and gardening ⑤Kazuya Kamenashi

    The selection stationMiki Ishida

    ①3years ②When I pack products neatly ③Shipping goods without making a mistake ④Napping with my two children ⑤Miura Haruma

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