KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.05

What is the secret to grinding coffee evenly?

 It is better to have less fine powder when you are grinding coffee beans. It is usually difficult to do that with a home coffee mill. The reason is in the grinder. Usually the grinder consists of separate upper and lower parts, and most home coffee mills only have one of them fixed. The Coffee Mill is built with a new system that fixes both of the grinders, making it possible to stabilize the movement of the grinder to produce evenly ground coffee. It works to reduce fine powder and reduce an off-flavor that can interfere with the delicious taste of the coffee. The industry’s first fixed grinder system has been jointly developed by KAI and Yoshiaki Kawashima, known as the ‘coffee hunter,’ with over three years of development time. You can adjust the roughness of the powder by the type of coffee beans and your way of preparation. It is a coffee mill that will teach you the joy of coffee milling at home.

Snow White

‘Kai House × Mi Cafeto’ series
The Coffee Mill
Regular 8,000 yen (excluding tax)

Yoshiaki Kawashima: Coffee hunter / Representative of Mi Cafeto co., Ltd. / Went to El Salvador 40 years ago during the civil war and started to research coffee beans. Since then has made a number of achievements in the coffee industry.

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