KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.06

Seeking harmonized deliciousness in the kitchen
The mandolin developed together withMichel Bras.

 It is Michel Bras who established the restaurant BRAS in Aubrac, France, and has received three stars from the Michelin Guide since 1999.
 In 2005, Michel and KAI started a new brand, Michel BRAS. They both share the belief of not compromising until they can make a product which they are fully content with in their heart. Such a belief has created their products with ultimate functional beauty.
 Their products are 10 types of kitchen knives, grindstones, chopping boards, cutlery, and now introducing a slicer known as a mandolin.
 By turning the knob of the main body, it is possible to cut so thin that the ingredients are transparent, up to a thickness of 10 mm at maximum. Furthermore, by exchanging five kinds of replacement blades, it converts freely from a simple slice to a moving form.
 Their kitchen knives are beautiful enough to make Michel describe them as 'like a jewel.' The Michel BRAS brand has achieved functional beauty to help enjoy tastes better.
Simple slicing blades, wave blades, and julienne blades (3 types) for cutting into long thin strips. There are a foldable stand and hoods to guard fingers.
With the stand folded: L430mm x W130mm x T80mm
With the stand extended: L400mm x W130mm x T245mm
Weight:1700g (not including blades)

  • Slice
    Use the slicing blade

  • Crinkle cut
    Use the crinkling blade

  • Waffle cut
    Use the crinkling blade

  • 3mm width julienne
    Use the slicing blade + 3mm julienne blade

  • 7mm width julienne
    Use the slicing blade + 7mm julienne blade

  • 10mm width julienne
    Use the slicing blade + 10mm julienne blade

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