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10 Recommended

In the gourmet city of Paris, one would like to enjoy a variety of food from such a multicultural city.
Tapas style French is getting popular, Japanese chefs have had remarkable success and the ethnic dishes are highly refined.
Yes, it is truly the food capital.
  • The spirited chef’s new wave stylish
    French food is literally like modern art.
    Located in the Quartier Latin, this is a cool, minimalist restaurant. Tanaka's choice full course menu is full of continuous surprises. Please try an undiscovered style of French gourmet cuisine.
    4 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris
  • You can casually pop in by yourself to
    this standing bar with a variety of seafood.
    Let's enjoy cool white wine and fresh oysters, squid ink paella, and more. There is also an affiliated Basque cuisine bar next door which is also very popular.
    1bis Passage Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris
  • Great prices, great performance, and
    great service, a popular bistro dining hall
    The usually bustling space is so cozy that you cannot help but stay for a long time. It is a cheerful local cafeteria more than a bistro, with a good atmosphere.
  • The No.1 recommended couscous in Paris
    is from CHEZ OMAR and is full of exoticism.
    An Algerian cuisine restaurant always bustling with people. Well-stewed vegetable soup with couscous feels warm and cozy to eat. The meat grilled to perfection is also recommended.
    47 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
  • Received best bistro award in
    French gourmet guide, FOODING 2015.
    Tapas bar, people are always overflowing from inside.There are many tapas that combine unique ingredients and you will never get bored with the taste. Bio wine is also notable.
    114 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris
  • Queuing is almost unavoidable.
    Cambodia's authentic home-style cuisine
    Very popular Cambodian cuisine in Paris. The coconut-flavored minced meat curry 'Nathan' is delicious. It is recommended to go at opening time to avoid queuing.
  • What is a Kurdish sandwich ?
    It is a freshly baked wrap sandwich.
    After placing an order, they cook the meat with charcoal fire. Meat and vegetables are wrapped in homemade tasty flatbread. You can choose lamb or beef.
    10 Avenue Richerand, 75010 Paris
  • A popular Chinese restaurant for locals,
    the name means 'double pepper!’
    This Szechuan restaurant is located in quiet a narrow alley. Every dish looks red and spicy, yet you can rest assured that you can adjust the spiciness in 5 steps when ordering.
    17 Rue Molière, 75001 Paris
  • Casual Vietnamese dining hall worth
    visiting even if there is a queue.
    This popular Vietnamese restaurant originally in 13th ward opened a second shop in the Opera district. The rice noodle pho with a rich beef soup can be quite addictive.
    58 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris
  • An up-and-coming Japanese restaurant chef
    who has just received a Michelin star.
    They have a basic course menu at lunch and dinner. Dinner tables and kitchen spaces are integrated and you can enjoy the kitchen show. They have the best aged meat in Paris.
    4 Rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris

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