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I'm KAI,too! #07
FACT  No.07

I’m KAI too! #07

Some of the KAI razors have more than 20 patents backing them.

‘We carefully investigate whether or not we will get caught by existing patents on new products coming up from development. You can’t make any mistakes and this task requires quite a bit of human communication,’ says Okuda, a chief manager.

For manufacturing companies, possession of a patent leads to a big edge in competitiveness. That is why you may think that patent applications are the bulk of their work. Yet in fact, they are spending most of their time investigating and judging existing patents.

‘Patent application is actually a small part of a much larger process,’ says Akatsuka, also a chief manager.

‘When we are trying to bring a new product to the market, sometimes the patent office is the only department providing a voice of opposition. In such cases we may need to ask the development team to change their design so as not to conflict with the patents of other companies. The patent office is like a gatekeeper before going to market. When I can change a design plan without disappointing the development team, I am extremely happy,’ says Okuda. They are the unsung heroes of KAI.
  • The ‘Patent Gazette’ is a treasure trove of ideas!

    ’Patent Gazette’ is issued by the Patent Office and it is a fount of ideas. I recommend that the development team utilize this publication to enhance their ideas. It is open to the public on a web site as well. By the way, my wife tells me that I have become more argumentative since starting work for the patent office. It is an occupational illness.. hahaha. (Akatsuka)
  • If a scary ‘warning letter’ arrives ….。

    Sometimes a warning letter arrives from another company saying, ‘your product is in conflict with our patent.’ At such times, we must defend our product. Various warning letters have arrived in the past 20 years, but we have managed to defeat them all. I have never bothered a company with a patent. I am proud of that. There are plenty of off-the-record stories, though.. hahaha. (Okuda)
  • Chief Manager, Patent Office Ikuhisa Akatsuka

    ① 16 out of 21years in the patent office ② When difficult tasks are successfully completed ③ Doing thankless tasks ④ Playing with my daughters ⑤ Yasuko Tomita

    Chief Manager, Patent Office Akinari Okuda

    ① 20 out of 30 years in the patent office ② When refuting neutrally ③To be thankful for everyday ④ Riding & farming ⑤ Miki Fujimoto

  • Questions

    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments at work  ③Work goals ④Hobbies  ⑤Favorite celebrity

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