KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.09

Made in USA
Cutting edge product

Kershaw is the top brand on the North American pocket knife market. It is a long-established brand which Kai proudly, started in 1974.

In 1998, thanks to the high popularity in the North American market, production of the knife was switched from Japan to United states. Production has been expanded to more than 9 million units in total and now it has grown big enough to make 418 different varieties of knives.

One of the lineups other than knives is an ax. It is an important tool that is necessary for various outdoor activities in North America such as wood splitting and delimbing. Among them, Siege includes a full tang structure a high strength blade and handle section, the K texture grip which symbolize the initials of Kershaw and a simple look unified with a black motif. It is an ax full of functional beauty. In addition, because of the compact size with a total length of about 41 cm, and a blade length of about 10 cm, there are quite a few people in the US who use it as Tomahawk. A well balanced weight and flat shaped handle allows you to aim so precisely that some users hunt snakes with it.

Length : 16in (blade length 4in)
Weight : 902g (1005g with cover)

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