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Hello Boss, How R U? vol.12
FACT  No.12

Hello Boss,
How R U? vol.12

Welcome to my home. I was just shoe polishing by the entrance. I just recently started shoe polishing, and it is becoming a routine during the weekends. I spend about one hour each session, polishing a couple of pairs carefully. Many say that your feet represent your personality, and that when you exchange greetings, your eyes will surely gaze at the other person’s feet. I don’t leave a good impression if my shoes are dirty. It is very important to pay attention to your grooming. Aside from shoes, I always want to keep my belongings clean.
Shoe polishing is similar to knife sharpening. Just like I’m happy to sharpen my knife, I feel good when I can shine my shoes. It is also important to take care of your tools and belongings. I change my shoes every day to help them last a long time. In addition, I carry my shoehorn to prevent my heel from being crushed. You can quietly concentrate on shoe polishing by yourself. This relaxing time is special to me. Oh, is it raining? I need to take care of my shoes, especially during rainy season. That means that I need more time than usual to concentrate. Now let’s see, next I put this cream here…

President Endo spends quality time at his house in Seki, Gifu Prefecture. He started collecting shoe polishing tools because of a book he recently read “You can change yourself by polishing shoes”. By putting on a denim apron and brushing his favorite shoes, he’s already getting used to his work.

KAI group's third president.
Born in Seki, Gifu Prefecture in 1955.
Succeeded his father as president in 1989.
Hobbies include golfing and reading.

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