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I'm KAI, too! #14
FACT  No.14

I'm KAI, too! #14

 Kengo Hashimoto and Masashi Usuda are in charge of razor development at the Oyana head office. “I've been doing razor development for almost 10 years. Designing is my main task. It’s really exciting when I’m thinking about a new mechanism or making a prototype,” says Hashimoto.

 Usuda moved from a heating device manufacturing company 2 years ago. “I was surprised, at first, that the development span was short. However, there are many similarities in the development concept, such as the importance of designing for mass production,” says Usuda.
 The newly developed razor evaluation test is very difficult, because even the same person can have different skin conditions depending on the time of the day. In the future, people may use AI to adjust razors according to the condition of their skin.

A 3D printer is essential for creating prototypes. This process is a repeated trial and error until it is finished as expected.

Sometimes, I can come up with a new mechanism and design it on my own. I'm always dreaming of commercializing my design ideas while I sit silently in front of my PC.

  • Development Department Product Division (Razor, Hairdressing) Masashi Usuda

    ①1 year ②When a designed product becomes finalized ③Development of a highly satisfactory product ④DIY
    ⑤Yo Oizumi

  • Development Department Product Division (Razor, Hairdressing) Kengo Hashimoto

    ①9 years  ②Prototype moves as expected
    ③Design beautifully in various ways
    ④Childcare ⑤Porno Graffitti


  • ①Length of employment
  • ②Happy moments at work
  • ③Work goals
  • ④Hobbies
  • ⑤Favorite celebrity

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