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I'm KAI,too! #04
FACT  No.04

I’m KAI too! #04

KAI's customer service room was established in 2000 in order to better respond to inquiries from consumers. About 120 inquiries are made daily. Masahiro Iwata, the section chief, explained: ‘Taking inquiries from the consumer is absolutely vital because it allows us to respond to questions and complaints. Even more critically, it allows our marketing team to collect data directly from the consumer and we can learn what kind of products customers are wanting. We can use this information to create future products that will hopefully be big hits. Our goal is to turn every inquiry into useful information. We used to stay on the phone with each customer for only a few minutes. Now we stay on the phone longer as we try to get more specific information. We have also developed an inter-office data base system so that KAI employees can access data files from previous inquiries. Data files are sorted by age group, product line, type of inquiry, etc. Now we can use these files during product improvement and development. In the future we plan to collect some of our information via social media so that more customers can reach out to us directly.’
  • 1I got sweets as a thank you.

    I received a complaint from a customer that his favorite razor was sold out at the drugstore. That particular razor was no longer being produced so we sent him a sample of one of our latest models. The customer sent us some sweets as a thank you.
  • 1A complaint that lasted for months.

    We once had a customer who called us every day for months. He would often keep us on the phone for four hours complaining about one of our knife handles. Needless to say, we’d much rather have smooth communication with customers who have complaints.
  • 1A special request.

    I once received an inquiry about the kind of razor would be most suitable for the caller. I gave the customer my recommendation and helped them place an order. That customer later called back about something unrelated and asked to speak with me again. I was very happy that the customer had appreciated my recommendation.
Many products are on display in the customer service room so that customer service assistants can see the actual product in use. They use our products at home and periodically attend in-house study sessions to learn about our new products so that they can better assist customers.

Shunzou Natsuhara

Masahiro Iwata

  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments
    ③Work goals  ④Hobbies
    ⑤Favorite celebrity
  • Chief Manager of Customer ServiceMasahiro Iwata

    ①about three years ②when I make customers happy ③expanding my current job ④biking ⑤Haruka Ayase

    Manager of Customer ServiceShunzou Natsuhara

    ①one and a half years ②learning things from my co-workers ③converting people into KAI fans ④climbing ⑤Kichiemon Nakamura

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