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Paris where spectacularity and craftsmanship coexist
FACT  No.06

Paris where spectacularity and craftsmanship coexist

Emphasizing tradition as its foundation,
craftsmanship starts from here.

Paris gives the impression of splendor and sweetness at a glance, whether it be in food, fashion, or whatever.
While the spirit of cherishing tradition, history, and roots is still firmly intact, there are still ‘bitterly stoic’ craftsmen pouring their souls into the tools in their hands. Because both survive, the Paris scene will never cease trying to be innovative.
Saint Martin Canal is 4.55 km long in total
and features a wide walkway alongside.
Many young people spend their time here
during pleasant weather.
Since you can sit close to the water’s surface,
it is cool and relaxing.
Hanging a hammock along the Saint-Martin
Canal where the movie 'Amelie' was shot is
how many Parisians like to spend their
leisure time.
This is a place where you can meet
true Parisians going about their
lives casually.
There are so many nice open cafes wherever you go.
Whether it's with a partner or a work mate or
as a married couple, these spaces offer a sweet time
for a Parisian or Parisienne and are a familiar
and important part of their lives.
This Parisien is rollerblading in
a cobblestoned square where traditional
stone buildings sit in the backdrop.
Such casual everyday scenes make us feel
we are watching the movie Paris, Je T’aime.
Such a picturesque town!
  • The area around the Bastille Prison where the French Revolution broke out, the area centered on Bastille Square, while having a deep historical background, is also Paris' most famous night spot.
  • There are many casual bars & cafés along the Rue de Lappe which are open until late. Young people overflow outside these bars and they are always energetic, enjoying their conversation.
  • In spite of being a touristy spot, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is also loved by Parisians. There is a wide variety of different atmospheres in Paris, and all of them are sweet in their own unique way.
Paris is a town filled with graffiti as street corner art.
The graffiti on the select shop COLETTE's shutter is
by illustrator JEREMYVILLE.
Whether the square in front of the Louvre by day, or the Rue de Lappe in the evening in the Bastille, Paris is lively everywhere.
People gather freely and the landscape of the city is full of creative designs.
They will not forget the spirit of innovation that changes with the times while paying respect to the traditional architecture.
Many Parisians say, 'Time spent with family and lovers are the sweetest moments for me.
' If you are enjoying your usual lifestyle, you do not need anything else special.
Their own lives possess a sweetness beyond what Japanese envision as sweet romantic feelings.

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