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I'm KAI,too! #06
FACT  No.06

I’m KAI too! #06

The general manager, Kanako Endo is currently assigned three positions: planning and sales promotion department manager, and she is also the eldest daughter of the founder’s family. How did she decide to work for KAI? ‘I wanted to work for something I can be proud of and use my abilities to their fullest. If I work for KAI, it will be directly for my family. I can give back to my family by exerting my ability based on what I have learned and studied. I feel that I am fortunate to be in such a situation,’ says Endo.
After working for KAI, she realized that KAI was still a male-oriented company. There was a time that she was the only lady among the other conference members. ‘KAI makes a lot of products for women. To make better products and to spread those products to the world, I feel that the presence of women is very important,’ says Endo.
KOBAKO promotions office is one of the offices she is managing and all of the members of that office are female. Such an office is still very rare at KAI. ‘I am always longing for KAI to be a well-beloved company and for that reason, I would like KAI to become a company where women can play an active part. If I can be any help to make that happen, I can see great value in working for KAI.‘
  • Only once, the reason why I cried at the meeting.

    At the time I was working during the day, and attending classes for an MBA in the evening. Whenever I had time off, I had to use it to study. It was hard and I never had enough sleep. One day at the office meeting, some of my mistakes were pointed out. There were things I myself couldn’t understand. I was stressed to the breaking point and suddenly I realized that I was crying. I did not yet know my limits, and I maybe was too busy. As far as I recall, that was the only time I’ve cried at work.
  • An unexpected barrier to overcome.

    Many people in the company have known me as a member of the founder’s family since I was child. Of course I did not receive special treatment, but in such an environment I could not have confidence in my performance. I couldn’t stop worrying, ‘Am I really contributing? Aren’t people over-rating me?’ That is why I decided to get an MBA, to test my true abilities and to upgrade my skills.
doing my best width three roles

General manager of Planning & Sales Promotion Dept. Chief manager of Kobako Promotion Office and New Business Promotion Office Kanako Endo

In 2006 joined KAI, and was assigned to the public relations office, taking care of web business as well. In 2008 in charge of the beauty sector of the Corporate Planning Office. In 2011 started studying business management at Waseda University, acquiring an MBA in 2013. In 2013 became Chief Manager of the Kobako Promotion Office. Appointed to current position in 2016.

  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happiest moment at work
    ③What do you do on your days off? ④Favorite music・Artist
    ⑤Special Dishes  ⑥Most impressive restaurant
    ⑦Favorite time of the day
  • Answer
    ①11years after joining the company.
    ②When your efforts take form and are appreciated by those around you.
    ③Jogging, yoga, and eating.
    ⑤Fried eggs.
    ⑥'Michel Bras' was an auberge, so after eating I could spend the night there. And the sunrise I watched from my room was truly beautiful! Along with the excellence of the cuisine, the beauty of nature remains strong in my memory.
    ⑦Sleep. I am happiest when I am in bed.

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