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Universal Razor Industries plays an important role in delivering razor products throughout the USA.
FACT  No.08

Universal Razor Industries plays an important role
in delivering razor products throughout the USA.

Universal Razor Industries has a big role in delivering products manufactured in Asia all over the United States.
It is the gateway to the United States for KAI products.
The office is on the outskirts of Los Angeles and has a large warehouse.
In addition, the work style captures the American spirit of liberality to function in this large country.

Delivering goods to the whole USA

Universal Razor Industries (URI) sells products made by KAI throughout the United States, including OEM women’s razor products and ‘KASHO’beauty scissors. Products manufactured mainly in Asia and Japan are organized in Los Angeles and are managed in the warehouse in Georgia.
Lee Knowles, who is in charge of sales, is covering the market of the entire country. He lives in Salt Lake City. From there he can go both to Portland, where KAI USA is located, and the Eastern US, where he often visits for sales, within 2 hours by plane.
Currently URI deals mainly with women's razors which are an OEM product. ‘First of all, it is important for customers to be satisfied with our products. Then, if we are ready to respond promptly to any additional shipping order without fail, it will lead to sustainable sales.’ Consumer trends are now changing. The challenge of the future is e-commerce sales.
‘Half of the market is major supermarkets. On the other hand e-commerce sales are on the increase to be the dominant market in the future. The premium feeling was important before, but value is more important now. We are working for the future on enhancing our products’ appeal on the internet,’ says Lee.
Lee Knowles/He Joined KAI in 2006, in charge of OEM products sales all across the country, living in Salt Lake City where he can enjoy his hobbies of fly fishing and skiing close to his home.
  • Cascia Lutz, who has been working since 1997, will guide us around the warehouse. Cardboard boxes loaded with merchandise are stacked high. She inspects and manages items arriving from Japan, Vietnam, China, etc. The staff also handle simple work such as packing plastic cases and assembling POPs. The catered lunch is popular here.
  • Sharpening service carrying on the meticulous quality of Japan It is said that there are less than ten individuals in the world who can grind ceramics. One of them is Thomas Hui of URI. ‘I customize Japanese sharpening tools to make them easier to use. The details of my tools are a company secret, yet it might be impossible to understand how to use them anyway,' Tom smiles. Since he is one of the world's few ceramic sharpeners, sharpening requests are coming every day from the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc, including scissors from other brands. ‘After I learned basic technique from a Japanese sharpener, I trained myself little by little. This work may not be popular with young people but I respect the skills and passion for manufacturing which Japan specializes in,’ says Tom.

Stylist scissors loved by a professional, KASHO quality

‘KASHO’ is a scissor brand of KAI’s sold to hairdressers for professional use in the United States. It is not retailed except in specialty shops, sold directly to stylists as high quality scissors. Coupled with the fact that they are made in Japan, KASHO scissors are enhancing brand power as a luxury item and receiving deep trust from prominent hair salons and hair stylists for ease of use and their sharpness.

There is also a ‘sharpening service’ that is nice for heavy users. By using your own scissors for a long time, their value as a personal item will increase.

‘KASHO is the Mercedes of the world of scissors,’ says hair stylist Lea Journo. ‘Traditional, solid, simple and sturdy craftsmanship,’ such features are perfect for her. She has used KASHO scissors for 15 years. Because you feel an attachment, you can use them with care.

For students who go to beauty salon schools, KAI provides entry model scissors. The thought of treating tools carefully is important to any occupation. It is also important to work with good tools as soon as possible. Such an experience may help to play a role in creating an excellent hairdresser in the future.
Lea Journo/A Paris-born hair stylist. She started working at a local hair salon at the age of 13, opened her own hair salon at the age of 24 which soon grew into one of Paris’s top salons. She moved to the United States in 2003 and started the Lea Journo Salon.
  • KASHO scissors in various sizes and colors. The golden ones in particular are the oldest and her most favorite. There is a casual KASHO logo in Chinese.
  • Lea's salon is in a place overlooking the pool of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Top stylist talks aboutKASHO's comfort

Top hair stylist Lea Journo has been using KASHO scissors for over 15 years.

‘They fit nicely in my hands and are very easy to manipulate, and the hair I cut will not get split ends. I always have about 20 pairs of scissors and I change them according to hair quality, cutting place, and cutting methods, and it is necessary to prepare stock as well in case it gets hot when cutting for long time. Any draw-backs? They are the perfect scissors for me.’

Christine Joaquin/Responsible for selling ’KASHO’ in the North American market. ‘From now on, we plan to strengthen our sales department, especially on our website. I want to raise brand awareness and increase sales’.

KASHO scissors can be used for 30 years if you perform proper maintenance such as sharpening. They are high precision beauty scissors backed by excellent metal-working technology.

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