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10 Recommended,

The city of Los Angeles is well-known as a hub of health consciousness, and organic Californian cuisine is very nutritious.
There is a wide range of genres ranging from old-fashioned diners to Asian dishes.
Because there are so many diners with customers lining up for them spread around the city, driving around while searching for them is a fun pastime.
  • The legendary hamburger
    with a classic taste
    A long-established store founded in 1947. The juicy steak burger and the hickory burger are specialties. Their soft buns have preserved the same recipe for many years and have preserved their classic flavor.
    10801 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles 90064
  • Their homemade pasta is
    authentic Italian cuisine.
    The grilled scallop shells and beef carpaccio, made by Italian chefs, go fantastically with wine. The squid ink pasta with colorful seafood stimulates the appetite.
    796 Main St., Venice 90291
  • A popular and outstanding restaurant
    in the world’s biggest Korea Town.
    The combination soon tofu with meat and seafood is highly recommended. When eaten with Korean beer and kalbi beef, it’s sure to satisfy you.
    2717 W Olympic Blvd #108,
    Los Angeles 90006
  • Plenty of mozzarella
    This is the American pizza.
    This restaurant is crowded till late at night with locals asking for freshly baked pizza. The ’Delicious’ Pizza is full of cheeses and fresh ingredients. The rich taste will get you hooked.
    5419 W Adams Blvd., Los Angeles 90016
  • Delicious seasonal ingredients
    In a deli style.
    You don’t want to miss the fish sampler at this bustling deli café. The luxurious open sandwich can be served however you like. The home-baked bread is exceptional.
    320 Sunset Ave., Venice 90291
  • First of all, the guacamole,
    Cheers with tequila and snacks
    An authentic Mexican restaurant. The green enchilada plates with plentiful chicken and cheese are highly recommended. You can also enjoy a jazz performance in the basement.
    515 W 7th St., Los Angeles 90014
  • Become healthy on the inside
    Fresh cold pressed juice
    ‘California Sun’ is an easy‐to-drink orange juice that will help to condition your body and health. ‘Canyon Greens’ helps make your body alkaline. Drinks using non-dairy milk are nutritious.
    8463-3 Melrose Pl.,
    Los Angeles 90069
  • This place is highly popular
    due to its creative rice bowls.
    The specialty here is a one-plate menu called the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl. It’s made by putting their original pesto sauce on brown rice, topped with rich vegetables. This is a new sensation.
    720 Virgil Ave #4, Los Angeles 90029
  • White fish soupless noodles-
    It’s highly addictive.
    Turmeric Fish Noodles is an original menu item you can only experience in this eatery. Enjoy soupless noodles mixed with white fish seasoned with turmeric and plenty of coriander.
    3133 Glendale Blvd.,
    Atwater Village 90039
  • German style
    Hot dogs in L.A.
    The freshly baked juicy and chewy sausages are genuinely German. There are among 20 different types of sausages. Their signature dish is Bratwurst. Do not forget the Belgian French fries.
    800 E 3rd St., Los Angeles 90013

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