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FACT  No.08

From Japan, loved around the world
High-end beauty scissors

Cutting hair without missing any is one of the most sought‐after features in a pair of beauty scissors. The KASHO brand has been pursuing this goal since 1984. It is the second oldest brand of KAI's North American market, following Kershaw (knives), which has the longest history.

It is not just its historical presence which makes this brand. Ceramic materials, which were rarely used in beauty care, have been used since the brand’s launch, at a time when there were not many technologies around to make the extremely hard ceramic blades. This was a ground-breaking product. Beauty scissors, compared to kitchen scissors, etc. are a product that requires a more precise mechanism.

And such technical strength pushed the KASHO brand into the top class of hairdressing scissor brands in both sales and familiarity. While there are ten-dollar disposable scissors on the market, with proper maintenance such as sharpening, you can use KASHO scissors for up to 30 years. Their long life is also a big feature.

At the moment, according to the difference in the steel used, the KASHO is composed of 11 different series. There is said to be a user who got tattoos of KASHO’s Chinese characters on their body, after being so impressed with their functionality …
01.Barber Razor Folding- CAPSDR/02.Demascus Series Length: 6.5” (Offset Handle)/03.Green Series Length: 5.5”(15 Tooth Texturizer, Semi-Offset Handle)/04.Millennium Series Length: 6.0” (DLC*, Offset Handle) /05.Green Sasa Series Length: 6.0” (38 Tooth Blender)/06.Silver Series Length: 6.0” (Offset Handle)
*DLC Coating - Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating displays properties similar to those of natural diamond, including hardness, wear resistance, and reduced friction.


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