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I'm KAI,too! #08
FACT  No.08

I’m KAI too! #08

KAI’s overseas sales ratios are exceeding 50% of total volume. To trade with other countries with different currencies and systems and to deliver products to various parts of the world, trading practice know‐how is indispensable. It is the shipping team of the trade department of the product headquarters that handles such export business at the Oyana factory in Seki, Gifu Prefecture.

Team Leader Miho Kaneshige is a veteran with 13th years in shipping. ‘It is our job to arrange shipments. After getting an order from sales, we'll check the stock situation in the distribution center and delivery date, entering all dates in the ordering system, and delivering the product cases to the port warehouse.’

Mami Endo said that she wanted to engage in trade and joined the KAI company. ‘Invoicing is essential documentation for customs clearance procedures, and since it is written in English, English is necessary for trade practice.’

‘I just joined the company last year, but my seniors teach me carefully, so every day is just fun!’ says Ayumi Goto who is in her second year of working at KAI and full of energy. Behind the overseas expansion of KAI, there was the reliable support of the shipping girls who enthusiastically devoted themselves to their daily work.
  • There are unexpected dangers at sea ….

    There are a lot of shipping episodes reported by the shipping team such as, ‘I shipped the wrong products by mistake,’ a failure in the first year. Some of the episodes can be even hard to believe. ‘The ship sank in the ocean due to an accident,’ and ‘Pirates stole the whole shipment.’ It takes about a month for a shipment to reach Europe, for example, and along the path of the long sea route there are unexpected dangers.
  • We love being in the shipping team!

    All three together are saying that they are not looking for any department transfer. In addition to the real pleasure of exporting work to interact with the world, they are enjoying a good relationship. They are tied together with trust and a sisterly atmosphere all around lets them feel at home. Since the number of members has just increased by two, the shipping team can do still more business. “Sales team, please get more orders. We are ready! "(Laughter)
  • Product Headquarters Trade Dept. Mami Endo

    ① 9 years ② When finding shipped products in other countries ③ Balancing work and child rearing ④ Going out with children ⑤ Tsuyoshi Domoto

    Team Leader, Trade Dept. Miho Kaneshige

    ① 12 years ② When hearing ‘thank you’ ③ Working humbly and courteously ④ Getting up early and spend a relaxing morning ⑤ Ryohei Suzuki

    Product Headquarters Trade Dept. Ayumi Goto

    ①1 year ② When meeting sales goals ③ Make KAI a worldwide brand ④ Travel ⑤ T.M. Revolution

  • Questions

    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments at work  ③Work goals ④Hobbies  ⑤Favorite celebrity

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