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I'm KAI,too! #09
FACT  No.09

I’m KAI too! #09

Expressed in English as ‘General Affairs’, the work domain of general affairs is wide. In the headquarters at Oyana in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, seven people in the general affairs serve various administrative tasks every day. Among them, let’s introduce four women today.

Megumi Naruse is mainly responsible for the employee's medical check ups, life insurance and year-end adjustments. Meiko Nakamura is taking charge of time management, payroll calculation, mentoring interviews for part time job workers and so on. Eri Matsuo is in charge of social insurance, submitting calculations for basic reports in July every year. Hisano Shiraishi is responsible for the management of work clothes, preparations for factory tours, and the employee’s celebrations and condolences.

What we introduced here is only a part of the job of the general affairs. It is not an exaggeration to say that thanks to them, 700 employees are able to enjoy every work day comfortably.

  • The good things about general affairs!

    ‘I can be involved in various internal events’. (Naruse) ‘Where I am counted on by the employees if something happens’. (Nakamura), ‘I can be engaged in nice events. I could see a popular piano concert up very close the other day. (Matsuo) ‘Times where I can fully utilize the benefits and the welfare system’. (Shiraishi). There seems to be a lot of merits belonging to the general affairs division.

  • General Affairs take care of duties such as..

    One of the job of the general affairs is to prepare compensation for employee's marriage, childbirth, etc. The Kai Industries' fund system even has a ‘New house compensation’, and full benefits and welfare are prepared. Another episode that symbolized the work of general affairs is as follows. ‘There was a call from the reception saying that a big dog was lost in the factory parking lot and everyone in our team chased it. Yes, we do sometime things like that as well. (Nakamura)

  • Administration Headquarters
    General Administration DivisionHisano Shiraishi

    ① 1 year ② When hearing ‘Thank you’ ③ Increasing job capacity ④ Often going to cafe and bedrock baths ⑤ Hideaki Ito

  • Administration Headquarters
    General Administration DivisionEri Matsuo

    ① 5 years ② When new knowledge is obtained ③ Focusing on positivity ④ Watching mini theater movies ⑤ Ryohei Suzuki

  • Administration Headquarters
    General Administration DivisionMeiko Nakamura

    ① 6 years ② When hearing ‘Thank you’ ③ Being reliable ④ Child care, piano and Karate ⑤ Junichi Okada

  • Administration Headquarters
    General Administration DivisionMegumi Naruse

    ① 9 years ② When other employees rely on me ③ Be careful, prompt and innovative ④ Cafe visits, Travel ⑤ Ryohei Otani


  • ①Length of employment
  • ②Happy moments at work
  • ③Work goals
  • ④Hobbies
  • ⑤Favorite celebrity

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