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KAI Philosophy

In 2023, we celebrated the 115th anniversary of the KAI Group’s founding, and updated our corporate mission to help guide our future growth. Building on our existing vision and credo, our updated mission, “Cutting-edge precision|Conscientious care” reflects our deepened commitment to serve society as a whole, and our heightened awareness of the need to join hands with our customers as we work to achieve the goal of global sustainability. Always remaining true to the high standards of technology and traditional craftsmanship that are our heritage, we pledge to help people create the society of tomorrow with sharp foresight and kindness in our hearts.


Cutting-edge precision | Conscientious care

With clear foresight and sophisticated technology,
KAI will shape the new era.
In a spirit of integrity and sincerity,
KAI is with you at every stage of your day.


Bringing delight to the customers,
Encouraging pride in the associates,
Working toward the wellbeing of society,
Together with the partners,
KAI is a continuously learning company.


Corporate Creed
  • Putting the customer first and always exceeding their expectations
  • Striving for the prosperity of our partners and society
  • Ensuring the KAI logo means quality and value
  • Appreciating each other’s work and promoting cooperation among the associates.
  • Innovation in every job, every day
Code of Conduct
  • Customer’s point of view
    Global perspective
  • Keeping the basics
    Being sensitive to changes
  • Willingness to learn
    Eagerness to challenge
  • Developing outer network
    Establishing trust in the work-teams
  • Creative idea
    Agile action

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