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KAI Group Stakeholder Engagement

KAI Group believes that relationships with various stakeholders, including individuals, companies, organizations, employees, and local communities, are of utmost importance in order to create social and business value, and we are committed to proactively engaging with them.

We are committed to responsible manufacturing and sourcing throughout our supply chain.

We promote responsible procurement and manufacturing together with our suppliers for co-prosperity with a sustainable society.
We would like to familiarize our suppliers with the “KAI Group Basic Rules for Sustainable Manufacturing Responsibility.” And through joining Sedex, we promote responsible supply chain management (respect and protection of human rights, environmental conservation, and compliance with laws and regulations).

Subscription to supplier ethical information sharing platform (Sedex※)


KAI Group joined Sedex in 2021.
We are a Sedex member and are committed to responsible sourcing and building an ethical and sustainable supply chain. Using Sedex tools and services, we work with our suppliers to maintain safe, ethical, and sustainable business practices and protect the working conditions of those working in our supply chain.

※Abbreviation of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange