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KAI Group SDGs

KAI Group Value Chain and Materiality

The 17 goals of the SDGs that are closely related to the priority items in our business activities are listed.
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Reduce Negative Impacts

Environmentally Friendly Products

Use recycled materials for products. Use FSC-certified paper for packaging to conserve forests. Replace plastics with paper as part of the effort to reduce plastics.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Switch to renewable energy resources for electricity and install solar power generation systems (PPA Power Purchase Agreement). Replace company vehicles with lower environmental impact models.

Promote Material Recycling

Promote initiatives from collection to recycling. Encourage the use of recycled materials.

Educate to use materials for a long time.

Offer sharpening services for kitchen knives. Increase the sales of whetstones to educate people about the importance of sharpening and using kitchen knives for a long time.

KAI Group Basic Development Policy

We will advance our sustainability initiatives by incorporating sustainability into our development policy, which is our common guideline.

KAI Group SDGs Initiatives Introduction