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KAI Group has established this Policy to cooperate not only with customers but also with business partners, employees, group companies, associate companies and all other stakeholders, in order to live in harmony with the natural environment, maintain sustainability for the future, work together with society and our supply chain and proceed with continuous development.

1Creating Better Products and Services

We will create new value through our products and services to contribute to the resolution of social and environmental problems and sustainable development.

2Our Social Responsibility

We will comply with laws and regulations, improve the working environment and environmental sustainability and fulfill our social responsibility for sustainable development of society and our supply chain.

3Respect for Stakeholders

We will respect autonomy, fairness, human rights and diverse cultures and the values of our employees and all other stakeholders involved.

4Improvement of Corporate Value and Contribution to Society

We will contribute to the development of the economy and society as a whole, as well as to our companies, and will improve our corporate value by integrating tradition and innovation.

5Providing Safety and Security

We will provide safety and security by sustained improvement of the value chain and create a refreshed and delightful daily life.

6Striving for Environmental Protection

We will establish a system for environmental protection in our business activity and strive to become carbon neutral, effectively use resources and procure resources sustainably.

7Public Disclosure and Awareness

This Policy for Business Sustainability will be disseminated to all our employees and publicized outside the company and we will endeavor to train our employees and request the cooperation of and educate stakeholders, including business partners and suppliers.

October, 2021
KAI Group
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Hiroaki Endo

Hiroaki Endo
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