KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.01

Even the local police
force recognize
quality knives

Knives are a necessity in the United States. Aside from teaching their sons how to camp and fish, fathers also usually teach their sons how to use knives.
KAI USA sells Kershaw knives which are very popular in the United States. In 2006, in addition to Kershaw brand, 'Zero Tolerance' was introduced to headline KAI USA's premium line. The ’Zero Tolerance 560BW series’ is one of the headliners, officially used by Tualatin city police.
When Zero Tolerance knives were first brought to the market, they were designed to be professional combat knives. Customers described these larger, heavier knives as “built like tanks.”
Recent models are smaller and lighter. Yet, while still being “built like a tank,” it is a more refined tank. When you cut yourself by mistake with a sharp knife, you can heal faster than if cut yourself with a dull blade. In that sense, having a top quality knife can be wise choice.
  • Zero Tolerance 560BW

    BLADE SIZE: 9.5cm TOTAL SIZE: 22.4cm WEIGHT: 181.4g
    PRICE: 325USD

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