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I’m KAI too! #01
FACT  No.01

I’m KAI too! #01

The FACT Magazine crew visited KAI Tawara Factory in Gifu prefecture to observe the manufacturing process of top quality ‘7000 series’ scissors which are used by major manufactures to cut cloth and fabric for car seats among other things. The Tawara Factory produces 500-600 scissors daily.
The "7000 series" are larger than regular scissors and they have their own production line.The production line starts with a laser cutting of a 3mm thick stainless steel board. Stainless steel cut in the shape of scissors, is heated up to around 1050 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, cooled down, and reheated at 180 degrees Celsius to give the material strength.
The final process is the most important to insure sharpness. Factory workers check the sharpness of each of the blades individually by cutting cloth, adjusting the curve of the blade manually. This final process can only be accomplished with the help many years of experience. It is true craftsmanship.
  • 1Laser cutting in the shape of scissors

    The 7000 series is made of harder, thicker sheets of steel than regular scissors
  • 2It takes 2hours to strengthen material

    Heat up, cool down and reheat the material in order to strengthen it
  • 3Grind blades for sharpness

    The grinding machine must be able to make subtle adjustments
  • 4Adjusting the angle of the blades

    Adjust the angle by putting the blade between two wood blocks.
  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments
    ③Work goals  ④Hobbies
    ⑤Favorite celebrity
  • Scissor grinding processerYuko Goto

    ①12years②When I make sharp scissors③Speeding up manufacturing time④Housework, traveling⑤Yudai Ono, pitcher for the Dragons

    Scissors adjustment processerSanae Taguchi

    ①18years②When I cut smoothly with new scissors③Enhancing production through teamwork④Gardening⑤Masaharu Fukuyama

    Scissors adjustment processerChizuru Tanaka

    ①5months②When I master how to do a new task③To match my co-wokers' speed④Shopping with my family⑤Hidetoshi Nishijima

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