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10 Recommended,

One might think that Gifu doesn’t have any local gourmet delicacies. However, thanks to the Nagara River, local eel and soba are very delicious. Gifu also has world-class grilled chicken, Chinese restaurants, and sweets.
  • Open for 104 years.
    Lots of delicious flavors.
    The shop uses chestnuts from Oga to make chestnut-powdered rice cakes that have a unique texture. They have a distinct chestnutty taste.
    5-12 Kandamachi,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • Since opening in 2007, their grilled
    dumplings have sold out every day.
    Their handmade dumplings are extremely popular. The red meat and fat mix is very tasty. It creates a juicy explosion in the mouth.
    1-31 Matsuno Building 1F
  • The finicky butcher refuses to buy
    anything but the highest quality beef.
    The Yokohama Butcher Shop opened for business in 1967. Only the highest quality beef is purchased. A rare portion menu is available.
    6-10-7 2F Kandamachi,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • Homemade soba made with
    hand ground buckwheat.
    Eating locally made soba in a traditional tatami room is quite a treat. Hand ground soba has a better texture. The broth is quite fragrant.
    3-26 Nikko-cho,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • Serves a clear soup with delicate noodles
    Reminiscent of the clear rivers in Gifu.
    Seaweed, scallops, chicken, and pork bones are stewed in broth. The broth is so clear, one can see the bottom of the bowl. It has a refreshing, salty taste.
    1-2-8 Yashiro,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • You can eat a whole eel!
    Serves a luxurious 2-layered bowl of eel.
    Savory bbq eel with crispy skin and soggy meat. Our recommendation is ‘Unadon-Jyou’. One eel is bigger than the bowl and another eel is hidden in the rice.
    1-3-29 Sanno-dori,Seki-shi,Gifu
  • Gradually gained popularity
    Reasonable gourmet food.
    Their pressed grilled squid goes well with ponzu sauce. The pressed grilled shrimp is crispy and tasty. The restaurant has a nice line up of wines and sake.
    2-8 Kandamachi,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • A high quality grilled chicken restaurant
    The delicate taste of chicken.
    A unique kind of yakitori (grilled chicken) – you can literally eat every part of the chicken. Their chicken comes from Shiga Prefecture.
    3-9 Gifuya Building 2F
  • Gifu-style Sichuan cuisine
    Made from high quality ingredients.
    The restaurant was founded by Chef Furuta who is known as a great chef specializing in Sichuan cuisine. Foodies from all over the country come to visit.
    25-2 Takami-cho,Gifu-shi,Gifu
  • The base of club culture
    Chilling in Gifu.
    A cafe & dining bar. DJ MOTIVE is the owner. Pleasant music is played and drinks are served. Known as the ‘chill spot on the corner.’
    33 Miwa Building 2F Hachiman-cho,Gifu-shi,Gifu

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