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I'm KAI,too! #05
FACT  No.05

I’m KAI too! #05

 We asked our new employees at the Tokyo head office why they chose KAI among many other companies, ‘It was only KAI that gave a tour of the factory after the interview, and the interviewer was very kind,’ said Truong Hoang Bich Chautran from the International Business Div. ‘I was moved by the story the factory staff told me when I visited and that helped me decide,’ said Saki Anbiru from the Sales Div. Such tenderness and warmth from the staff is a decisive factor in deciding on a job. How was your impression after joining KAI? Ryutaro Shimazaki from the Sales Div. said, 'I found out by visiting shops selling our products, getting to know the staff is equally important to product sales.' ‘I am interested in product development and KAI encourages us to team up with different departments,’ said Yuka Imai from the International Business Div. ‘There is a KAI factory in Vietnam and they just started their sales in Vietnam. I want more people in Vietnam to know that KAI products are useful in daily life,’ said Truong. What KAI has been successful in might be the compassion it has for the people who use their products.
  • Thought behind the factory tour

    The factory tour after the interview has been carried out for several decades. ‘KAI's employees understand the conviction of the company and are able to act spontaneously. To be spontaneous, we want people to enter the company after thoroughly understanding what kind of job we are doing and what kind of products we are dealing with. The factory tour is the best opportunity to understand that,’ say the Personnel Department.
  • Female employees join training this year!

    Annual employees training has been carried out at Shōgen-ji Temple in Gifu Prefecture. The morning chanting starts at 3am, trainees go to bed at 9pm. It lasts for 3 days. ‘During meditation I lost my sense of time. It was a rather fresh experience rather than painful,’ said Shimazaki. ‘Since I had hard time getting to the temple with the hard rain, I felt the training itself was rather peaceful,’ said Anbiru.

Yuka Imai

Saki Anbiru

Truong Hoang

Ryutaro Shimazaki

  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments
    ③Work goals  ④Hobbies  ⑤Favorite celebrity
  • International Business Div.Yuka Imai

    ①at about half a year ②when the shipping goes well ③expanding KAI products to the world ④Traveling ⑤Go Ayano

    Sales Div.Saki Anbiru

    ①at about half a year ②learning a new job ③getting confident in doing the job ④shopping and theater-going ⑤Atsuhiro Sato

    International Business Div.Truong HoangBichChau

    ①at about half a year ②when completing task ③expanding the Asian market ④eating out with friends ⑤Matsuko Deluxe

    Sales Div.Ryutaro Shimazaki

    ①at about half a year ②when project was progressing ③creating proposals for goods ④visiting ramen shops ⑤Ayaka Sasaki

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