KAI FACT magazine
FACT  No.07

Taught by the beauty
of cooking ingredients
in cross-section,
the best performance
one can expect in a peeler.

SELECT 100 provides products for your daily life that are both simple and affordable.

The concept of the brand is to provide 100% user satisfaction, and based on this concept they are listening not only to the input of chefs but also the general public to further improve their products. Among them, the T-shaped peeler is an item that boasts tremendous popularity.

The angle of the blade is set at 10°for smooth cutting, a wider blade creates even cutting, and by making grooves on the blade with equal intervals, it is easy to separate the blade from materials. The sharpness of the blade enables the user to cut beautifully, even showing shining moisture on the cut’s surface. Despite its ease of use it excels in its design as well.

In this tool, the user can feel the maker’s passion to provide a genuine quality product for the user’s everyday life.
SELECT 100 T shaped peeler
Body size: 137 × 68 × 11 mm
Weight: 57 g Price: 1,200 yen(excluding tax)


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