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I'm KAI,too! #03
FACT  No.03

I’m KAI too! #03

Oyana Factory, located in Seki, produces a wide array of products from razors and scalpels to other kinds of bladed tools. Masahiro Otsuka, manager of KAI’s blade sales department, boasts: ‘We have received a lot of requests from various industries to make special blades. We were once asked to make an incredibly sharp blade for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.’ The Beauty Biz Sales Department sells T-shaped razors to hotels, inns, spas, and golf courses. Rina Uno explains: ‘Additional orders come from all over the country – especially right before a long holiday. So it is really important to coordinate with the production team. I enjoy mountain climbing. Mountain climbing also requires good planning.’ Tateki Kato, who is in charge of selling to new customers, adds: ‘We must be flexible enough so that we can respond to customers’ requests for different kinds of razor blades, different handle colors, different kinds of packaging, etc.’ Kato enjoys going to spas. Blades are important in everyday life. KAI employees, who enjoy their work and their hobbies, fully support KAI and its products.
Ensuring a comfortable shaving experience at every spa
KAI supplies 20 different kinds of T-shaped razors to spas throughout Japan. Tateki Kato explains: ‘We provide razors that don’t put stress on the skin. We also supply spas with razors that have water-soluble smoothers for a more comfortable shaving experience.’
The versatility of blades solves any problem
Masahiro Otsuka brags: ‘I recently made a specialized blade for cutting polarizing plates that are often found on LCD TVs. If the surface isn’t cut correctly then the image quality suffers. If you’re working on a 50 inch TV, for example, you should use a suitable blade.’
  • Questions
    ①Length of employment  ②Happy moments
    ③Work goals  ④Hobbies
    ⑤Favorite celebrity
  • Chief manager of the sales department Masahiro Otsuka

    ①14years ②being able to meet the needs of various customers ③making a universal structure for product development ④watching movies ⑤Sakura Ando

    Beauty biz sales department Rina Uno

    ①4years ②surviving the busy season ③making a reasonable purchase plan ④mountain climbing and tennis ⑤Koji Higashino

    Beauty biz sales department Tateki Kato

    ①8years ②shipping our products to famous hotels ③shipping KAI products to every hotel in Japan. ④going to spas ⑤Haruka Ayase

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