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If you live in Portland,
you should embrace nature to the fullest

Nature is a vital part of people’s lives in Portland. Since the 1970’s, Portlanders have promoted environmentalism and lived in harmony with nature.
We visited a craftsman enjoying his day off in his lush, green garden.
Sometimes good business ideas come up while KAI USA employees relax together at a BBQ.
Tommie's workshop. A nicely polished wooden bowl carved out of a solid block of wood. A true work of art.

Portlanders are true nature and craftsmanship lovers.

It may be hard to imagine since the west coast has a reputation for being sunny but Portland is a rainy city, especially between fall and spring. It’s often cloudy. Thanks to the abundant rain, Portland is surrounded by green mountains." I go camping in the woods, fishing along the rivers and skiing on Mt. Hood on weekends. I also enjoy holding BBQ parties with my friends in my backyard and drinking craft beer. It’s really relaxing.."
Tommie Lucas’ tone is mild and he has a clear disposition like fine weather in early summer.
Tommie is from Ohio. He is in charge of creating new products for KAI USA’s houseware division.
”I stumbled upon KAI here in Portland and started designing knives. It’s a fulfilling job. I have good relationships with my colleagues and I enjoy getting together with them once in awhile like today.”
”I like making and improving things with my ideas.The fact that KAI allows me to come into contact with Japanese craftsmanship is a big deal to me. They make no compromises when it comes to quality; they have inherited techniques from the past and make the best quality products. Many people, especially in Portland, realize the importance of good craftsmanship. I am thankful for my challenging work environment that seeks the best quality of goods possible.”

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