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An interview with a popular Portland chef.
FACT  No.01

An interview with a popular Portland chef: How do you like your kitchen knives?

In order to keep producing high quality products there must be highly-skilled consumers.
It is a fact that many of the chefs in Portland, a city known for its “foodies,”use Shun, KAI’s kitchen knife brand.
Jenn Louis, chef and owner of Lincoln Restaurant, a very popular eatery known for its creative cuisine using local ingredients, is a regular user of Shun knives.
She is a very popular chef and she has been invited to many nations. After moving from the east coast, she graduated from culinary school in Portland. The first knife that she used after she graduated from cooking school was a Shun knife.
"I wanted to use the best tools and I worked hard to save money to collect Shun knives since many of the good cooks I knew were using them and I knew the quality of them."
"I always bring Shun knives with me when I travel around for cooking. Delicious food always needs a good knife."
Lincoln chefs are known for their creative cooking style - a mixture of classical and modern, American and Italian.

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