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Thoughtful communication from the Kai Osaka branch to its varied customers.
FACT  No.09

Thoughtful communication
from the Kai Osaka
branch to its varied customers.

At the base of Western Japan, the Kai Osaka branch takes care a wide range of business from the Kinki to the Chugoku and the Shikoku area.
There are many well experienced competitors, especially in the Kinki area such as Sakai and Omi where trading ground has taken root since old times and Kyoto where there is a strong tradition and well established businesses.
What kind of efforts are made to survive in this area? That was a steady, thoughtful and Osaka like method.

In Kinki area where personality mingles, Dialogue is very important

Compared to branches in other major cities, the Osaka Branch trades with more companies than any other. There are many small retail stores in the Kinki area. There are many companies to negotiate with, so conversation occurs accordingly frequently and that is very important. Yoshihisa Shimizu, the branch manager, who has experience in Tokyo headquarters and the Nagoya branch, talks about it in detail.

‘In Tokyo, for example, we will take an appointment and bring a proposal at the very first meeting. In Osaka, this would be difficult. We will not bring a proposal at first, we do not begin business negotiations without first building a relationship’.

Selling the product items line up in Kinki is not so different from other areas. Still ‘The way of trading’ seems to be quite different.

‘I tell the sales staff that it's better to go to the retail stores as often as possible since buyers want to know the trend of retail stores. By doing so, not only for the meaning of market research, you will be able to communicate smoothly and gain trust’.

Kinki people have peculiar habits yet once you learn to get along well, you can meet them even without an appointment, or listen to difficult request. It is a land where face to face business still remains strong.

Yoshihisa Shimizu/Kai Osaka branch manager. Born in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture. After joining Kai, he was put in charge of the sales of household goods for mass retailers in the Tokyo head office. After that, he moved to the Nagoya branch office and Gifu to name a few places. And was assigned as the Osaka branch manager three and a half years ago.

Information exchange and casual conversation scene of three people, Kazuya Furukawa, Shoji Yamada, and Isao Uchida, chief managers who are in charge of each sales team at the Osaka office. Often the next idea is born from such casual communication.

‘Spokesman of the west’ counselor Yokoyama talks What is Kinki's trading?

All four prefectures in Kinki have different customs, cultures and personalities. In particular, human relationships ‘meeting and talking’ Is the most important and legwork is the basic sales style in this area. When you are still not building good relationships, ‘OK’ is not necessary always ‘OK’. It is rather tough, yet at the same time it’s fun communication.

Takashi Yokoyama/Counselor After joining KAI, handled gardening supplies, etc. At the Suncut Division of the Nagoya branch. The legwork business style was fostered in the Nagoya period. He moved to Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and has plenty of experience in various places. After becoming the Osaka branch manager, now he is appointed as a counselor.

Let’s bake Takoyaki!

Takoyaki Party held at the Kai Osaka branch to feel the real Takoyaki technique.
Of course the equipment being used is Maido Hompo from KAI.
Mmm Yummy!

1. Put oil on an iron plate with Maido Hompo’s oil drawer. 2. Cut the octopus to a bite size pieces 3. Pour mixed doughs into iron plate 4. Put your favorite ingredients such as Octopus, Green onion and Ginger. 5. Rotate Takoyaki with a toothpick, this is an important part! 6. When it is cooked, put sauces and mayonnaise on them. the ‘Okonomi dispenser set’ is useful since it can be pulled out thinly.

It was easy to make good Takoyaki using Maido Hompo items. Shall we eat Takoyaki together? A takoyaki party is the basic way of communicating in Osaka.

Unknown History of Maido Hompo
Do you know Yokochan of Naniwa?
The takoyaki goods series of Kai Maido Hompo actually has a former series named ‘Yokochan of Naniwa'.
Makoto Nishimura, who was in charge of the product development, wanted to make a unique product and used Yokoyama as its package character.
Osaka's love for Takoyaki and humor are inherited into the present series as well.

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